Kumpulan Software Facebook Gratis


Kumpulan software-software facebook yang perlu anda coba. ini adalah update-an terbaru dari postingan yang lama.

Berikut software-software facebook gratis tersebut :

1. Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is a revolutionary chat application for chatting with friends and getting all the upgrades on friend’s facebook account. It’s free and easy to use.
Size : 16.51 MB | Download : Click Here !

2. Facebook Chat
Download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside of Facebook.
Size : 65.87 KB | Download : Click Here !

3. Facebook Toolbar
Integrate Brothersoft wtih your Facebook life into your browser.
Size : 368.49 KB | Download : Click Here !

4. Facebook Desktop
It keep track of your Facebook events straight from your desktop.
Click Here !

5. Unblock Facebook Proxy 2.0
The unblock-facebook-proxy-application allows you to access facebook.
Size : 1.28 MB | Download : Click Here !

6. Facebook Photo Album Downloader
It doesn’t offer much in the way of an interface, but this free Firefox extension helps Facebook users by allowing the quick download of photo albums.
Size : 2.98KB | Download : Click Here !

7. Facebook For Windows Mobile 6
You’re able to upload photos and videos to Facebook’s news feed, either from your media library, or by spanning or recording them in real-time.
Size : 854.49 KB | Download : Click Here !

8. Facebook Gadget
Get Facebook notifications on your desktop.
Size : 56 KB | Download : Click Here !

9. ChatVibes Video Calls for Facebook Chat.
ChatVibes is the first free and easy to use browser plugin that adds Voice & Video directly to your Facebook Chat without the need to install another application.
Size : 3.55 MB | Download : Click Here !

10. Facebook Pro
The program is essentially just a Web browser that displays Facebook and a couple of other links.
Size : 154.48 KB | Download : Click Here !

11. Facemoods
Free Animated facebook smileys and emoticons for facebook chat.
Size : 381.21 KB | Download : Click Here !

12. Facebook Photo Zoom
Facebook Photo Zoom is a free Google Chrome extension that does a simple but useful thing.
Download : Click Here !

13. Photo Uploader for Facebook
Now you can upload photos to your Facebook profile from your desktop.
Size : 98.64 KB | Download : Click Here !

14. Facebook Password Recovery
Facebook Password Recovery Master instantly recovers lost Facebook logins and passwords stored in an Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser.
Size : 1.24MB | Download : Click Here !

15. Chit Chat for Facebook
Chit Chat for Facebook acts just like Facebook’s own chat feature, but it lets you chat without using your Web browser.
Size : 2.98MB | Download : Click Here !

sumber : cnet.com
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  1. gimana bos link nya di ziddu di hapus semua sama admin ? apa ada link lain

    • Mohon maaf bila linknya sudah expired dan dihapus,saya Sedang usahakan untuk upload ke mediafire, mohon kesabarannya,Terima kasih

    • noactive
    • Januari 11th, 2010

    Kumpulan Software Facebook Gratis .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

      • ApasadjaBLOG
      • Januari 15th, 2012


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